Sash Window Weights – Information

Here at Sash Weights UK we know that getting in to the world of sash windows can take some getting used to. All the new informational terms like lifts, fasteners, sash window weights and more can take some getting used to!

So we’re here to offer you a reassuring hand and bring you all the information you need!

Steel Sash Weights

steel sash weights

Originally created in order to replicate the more traditional cast iron weights, Steel weights are sold with a hole pre-cut in the top for the sash cord to be threaded through and a larger hole on the side of the weight to accommodate the knot.

Since square steel weights are denser than their cast iron cousins you are able to apply a larger weight to the same size window, to compensate for heavier material sash windows.

We stock a huge range of steel weights starting at 6lb, All of which are always in stock and can be delivered the next day.

Cast Stackable Weights


Cast Stackables are particularly popular with Joiners and Builders who manufacture or regularly refurbish sash windows as they can be stacked to achieve the desired weight.

The conical tops and indentations in the bottom of each weight ensure that the individual parts act as one when corded up and in place.

You can ‘make’ any weight up by combining our 4 stock sizes (1, 3, 5 and 10lb).

Buying a stock of each will reduce delivery costs and lead-times.

Lead Sash Weights

lead sash weights

Lead can be largely more expensive than Steel or Cast Iron, however is more dense than its weighted counter parts. We would usually recommend that Lead weights only be used when Steel or Cast Iron weights are not suitable for your current job/project. This may occur if you need to increase the weight in the sash boxes when it is required to counter-balance thicker glass or double glazed units.

It may also occur if the size of the bricks reveal has limited the size available for the sash weight box.